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Ideas for playing on the beach

1 mins, 32 segs

The beach just a few steps from our urbanization!

Apartamentos Tamarindos is located in front of the extensive north beach of Peñíscola, linked to the historic centre and the Pope Luna’s Castle by an extensive and pleasant promenade with a bicycle lane.

The beach is one of the favorite places for families during the summer. A place where you can relax, play, get tanned and refresh yourself. Peñíscola has several sandy beaches and coves.

The children love the beach, and for the parents it is a way to relax and rest while they have fun swimming, playing with the sand…

Here are some ideas to play with the whole family on the beach and spend an incredible day in a very economical way.

In the sand we can play…

The mummy

Bury the children in the sand (everything but the head) and there are those who are the fastest to dig themselves up and get to the water.


You only need a few bottles full of water, a ball and mark the track with sand and play!

Look for shells, shells or pretty stones.

Let’s see who collects the most! But then you must return them to their place so as not to alter the habitat of the beach.

Long jump

And for those who like the sport, let’s see who is able to jump further.

Three in a row

Choose if your team is the stones or the lakes, draw the board in the sand and play!


And in the water we can play…

Let’s go for the waves!

You will have to build a wall of sand on the shore as high and strong as possible so that the waves don’t knock it down and see which one lasts longer!


On the shore, build paths through which the sea water passes before the tide rises. When the tide goes up, the water will do the whole route and at the end it builds a swimming pool.

Friendly fight

Players must be pairs, as pairs must be established in which one climbs on the shoulders of the other. Thus, those upstairs must fight each other to knock themselves down and fall into the water.

Book now at Apartamentos Tamarindos Peñíscola and enjoy an experience with your unique family!


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