Swimming Pools

From July 15 to August 22 the entries and exits are on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Minimum stay of 3 nights. From August 22 to September 12 reservations are from Saturday to Saturday.

Swimming Pools

Galería de Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

One for each family member

In Tamarindos, you will be able to relax in any of the two pools that we maintain all year round for you.

The large swimming pool is located in front of zones B, C and D.

It is a semi-olympic pool, which with its bright blue, integrates in perfect harmony with the environment, enhancing the feeling of freshness and well-being. In addition, it is connected to another very shallow pool designed for the enjoyment of children.

The small pool is located in zone A.

In high, dominating the horizon and the wide sandy beach. Ideal for those who prefer to relax with the breeze and the sound of the sea, without filling their feet with sand.

The swimming pools are an essential part of the warm atmosphere of the urbanization.