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Natural parks you can visit near Peñíscola (1st part)

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Did you know that near Tamarindos you can find up to 9 Natural Parks?

8 are the natural parks found in the province of Castellón, which is one of the most mountainous provinces in Spain. We have added the Ebro Delta Natural Park because of its proximity to Tamarindos Apartments.

In these times, visiting landscapes situated in the middle of nature has become the ideal plan. Clean air, native Mediterranean vegetation and no crowds, can you ask for more? Alone, with family, with friends… to go running, hiking, mountain biking or simply to take a walk, nature has moments for everything!

Do you want to know more about each of these places?

1. Sierra de Irta Natural Park

In the Sierra de Irta Natural Park, you will discover cliffs, crystal-clear coves and freshwater springs just a few metres from the sea, and surrounded by imposing mountains with a typical Mediterranean landscape dominated by “margalló” and white pine.

If you come to Peñíscola and you like to practice outdoor sports in the middle of nature, you have several routes to choose from. In addition, there are paths for walking, routes for hiking or running in the mountains and even trails to enjoy with the mountain bike.

It’s a natural gem within Peñíscola that you can’t miss!

Sierra de Irta

2. La Tinença de Benifassà Natural Park

Located between Els Ports and Baix Maestrat regions you can find the Natural Park of La Tinença de Benifassà. A place of great patrimonial richness where its cave paintings and the Monastery of Santa Maria stand out. Among its imposing wooded and Mediterranean vegetation, the kermes oak groves stand out, as well as some of the best preserved gall oak groves in the Valencian Community. Without doubt, a place with a great diversity of Mediterranean vegetation and protected native fauna.

We recommend you to visit this natural paradise doing some route. We leave some of them here!

Another reason to visit the Natural Park of La Tinença de Benifassà is its fresh water reservoir known as Ulldecona Reservoir or Embalse de Ulldecona. It is a place surrounded by nature, ideal for a family outing and to stop for a snack or a small picnic on the shore, surrounded by trees and Mediterranean vegetation, after doing some of the proposed walks. For those who prefer to eat sitting at a table with a knife and fork, but without missing the impressive views, there is also a restaurant called Molí L’Abad, where you can enjoy delicious grilled meats or typical dishes of the local cuisine such as paella, rice dishes or seasonal stews. The restaurant is located in a unique place and deserves to eat or drink something on its terrace to relax and let yourself be carried away by the impressive landscape.

It is also an ideal place to go with children, as they can cool off in the waters of the reservoir, go for a kayak ride, ride a pedal boat with a slide or even fish. For the older and more daring ones there is also a bridge from which to jump into the water from a height of about 10-15 metres.

We also recommend visiting La Font de Sant Pere, a natural swimming pool with waterfalls of transparent, crystalline and very fresh water, colourful fish, native vegetation and places to jump from heights. In addition, you can find a small interior beach and a restaurant with local gastronomy, a perfect place to spend the day with the family!


3. Desert de Les Palmes Natural Park

Natural Park that owes its name to the abundant concentration of palms (Margalló), a beautiful Mediterranean variety of palm trees. It covers an area of 3,000 hectares, and is so diverse and dispersed that it occupies 5 municipal districts: Benicassim, Cabanes, La Pobla de Tornesa, Borriol and Castellón de la Plana. The Park is characterised by its contrasts and combination of landscapes as you can see, from the highest peak at 729 metres above sea level, the landscapes of the interior of Castellón, the Gulf of Valencia and the Columbretes Islands.

It is an ideal place for trekking or mountain bike routes (BTT or MTB). Here are some itineraries that you will surely like!

Also on a cultural level it has ruins and constructions like the Miravet castle, Montornés castle and the Old castle, the hermitage of Les Santes and La Magdalena.


4. Penyagolosa Natural Park

Located in the Castellón region of El Maestrat, it is visible from almost the entire coast of the province of Castellón. It is the second highest peak in the Valencian Community, at 1,814 metres, and is located between the municipalities of Vistabella del Maestrat, Villahermosa del Río and Xodos.

Its summit is divided into three peaks, the highest of which is the peak. The South wall, a vertical precipice of almost 300 metres, is a meeting point for climbers.

The northern slope, much more accessible and relatively gentle, is the one that allows access to the summit in a much quieter way, about 30 minutes from the Corralico. This point can be reached by car, from the track that starts a little before the chapel, or from the La Pegunta ravine. A 3 km walk with a moderate slope.

The fauna is characterized by the existence of birds of prey, and the vegetation is lush and wooded. In winter it is very common to see the summit full of snow.

You can visit the Sanctuary of Sant Joan, a construction of medieval origin with subsequent neoclassical and baroque additions, which concentrates much of the magic and mysticism of the Penyagolosa, at whose feet it is located. This sanctuary is the most important religious attraction in the province, receiving year after year the ancestral pilgrimages of most of the surrounding villages, such as Culla, Vistabella, Xodos and Puertomingalvo.

Sant Joan de Penyagolosa is one of the most beautiful places in the Valencian Community and for this reason the Regional Ministry of Tourism has proposed to convert it into a Protected Natural Park.
The beauty of the landscape and its ecological value, with the pine forest areas and the surrounding farmhouses, make it a very popular place, not only for hikers but also for many schools, associations related to leisure and free time.

Here you have some routes you can do, the most famous is the climb to the peak, come on!


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