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The house of shells

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Today as a curiosity we tell you how La Casa de las Conchas was built!

One of the most attractive buildings in the city for tourists. In spite of it, although many people don’t know it, the family owning the house could be considered as the first promoter of the tourism in the locality.

The story began in the early 50’s, when a couple with three children, neighbors of Peñíscola, began to have to look for alternative jobs because of the bad economic times they were going through. It occurred to the woman, Justa, to take advantage of the arrival of the first tourists to offer herself as an improvised tourist guide, Peñíscola’s first guide, in exchange for the will. Thanks to the profits they obtained as tourist guides, they began to build the current Casa de las Conchas, but not before deciding to add shells obtained from the area to the façade in order to pay tribute to the sea. So, Justa made a pact with the fishermen of Peñíscola, she got them tobacco in exchange for the fishermen giving her autochthonous shells.

In this way, the Casa de las Conchas became one of the most picturesque buildings in Peñíscola. Perhaps it does not stand out for its architecture, since it could well go unnoticed if not for its particular façade full of shells, but it is possible to highlight the shape of its windows, with an Arabic touch and the coat of arms of Pope Moon in honour of the origins of the locality. Justa also set up what is known as the first souvenir shop right in front of the Casa de las Conchas, also helping this image of tourism promoter in Peñíscola.

The house, which is located on the street that starts from the Portal de San Pedro, is not only an attraction for tourists to be photographed next to the façade, it is also a beautiful story to understand the tourist boom of a fishing village that has become one of the most visited destinations in the community.

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